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For us, HR is passion and a lifestyle.
In our company, we put people first.
The way we see, this is the only proper way to conduct business.

We have over 20 years of experience, continuous growth and a 100% Hungarian background to support our striving to provide professional HR solutions for the demands of the HR market, whether it is temporary labor, recruitment, outsourcing or student labor.

We do not forget about the employees, who work day by day, helping us to meet the demands of our clients. We do not look at them as statistical data and costs, but as valuable colleagues of our organization. They help us to be successful and we represent safety for them.

Our colleagues pay particular attention to provide credible information for the candidates and moreover to find job placements where their personal and professional skills allow long-term and rewarding work.

Thanks to our strategical partner Fürge Diák School Co-operation, we pay special attention to the Y and Z generations as well. The cooperation already starts forming during the years of education, therefore we can help our student employees to enter the labor market with success when they become adults.

Fürge Diák School Co-operation

At Fürge Diák we aim to help students realize their dreams already when in school. Our goal is to help them to be able to enter the labor market easily and confident. We pay attention to them because we know that being a student and planning the future at the same time is one of the hardest jobs in the world.

Fürge Diák was founded in 1994 in Pécs. Its leaders were constantly striving to provide excellent quality and at the same time to assist students to create their own independence.

Humánia HRS Group Zrt.

The legal predecessor of Humánia HRS Group Zrt. has been founded in 2001 with the goal of supporting not only students but adult job seekers as well.

Thanks to the network of our offices, we can serve nationwide orders in the same quality as regional requests.

  • A nationwide network of 21 offices
  • 24 years of experience in the Hungarian labor market
  • Cooperations with over 1.000 partners
  • 5,5 billion Hungarian forints worth of paid wages in 2017
  • 2200 jobs in 2017
  • Over 25.000 workers in 2017

Values, mission, and vision

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Quality management

In 2003, we have introduced a unified quality management system affecting all offices, certified by the standards of ISO 9001.

QMS Certification QMS Certification