Humánia HRS Group

More than a service provider

Why us?

Our company operates a quality management system that is certified CERTOP Product and System Certification Ltd and meets the standards of ISO 9001 and ISO27001 information security standards. We have established our quality management system in 2003 and had our first certification in 2007. The pursuit of information security has always been prominent in the company's life. The system based on the standard has been introduced in 2013.

Our complaint handling is 100%, based on facts and supported by client satisfaction results. According to our quality-management system, we assess our employee satisfaction annually.

Every year, we conduct user satisfaction surveys among our contracted partners using the services of independent questioner officers. The survey puts emphasis on one metric: would our costumers recommend us to their partners, and we ask the respondents to summarize what are the factors should be change to lead to maximum satisfaction.

During January-April 2017, we have reviewed the fulfillment of costumer expectations of every office and service, the quality of our delivery and we have assessed our performance in comparison with our competitors.

Based on the results of our review, 93,5% of our Partners would recommend our services to clients, partners or employees.

It appears from the answers that the our service is characterized by the following:

  • Good cooperation,
  • Helpful, easily accessible contacts,
  • Flexible handling of emerging issues, problems
  • Reliability.

Our commitment and the results of our work is confirmed by Bisnode Hungary's "AAA" certificate that verifies that cooperation with Humánia HRS Group Zrt and the Fürge Diák School Co-operation is a very low risk for its partners. Only 1,75% of the companies on the Hungarian market are qualified for this certificate.

We are founding members of the Hungarian Employers 'Interest Representatives' Association, where we are holding the presidential title and we have representation in the Hungarian Labor Law Society. Furthermore, we hold the secretary general title in the Association of Student Enterprises’ National Representation.

We have launched our Career Program in 2009 and then later a complex labor law educational program entitled ‘Labor Market Guide’, where students can learn about the rights of student workers in classroom settings, in order to educate them about their rights and responsibilities when entering the labor market. The program was awarded the CSR Hungary Prize in 2011, in the joint affairs-education category, which means not only recognition of our commitment, but also a fortification for it. Since the launch of the program, we meet 6-700 hundred classes annually, so we help more than 12.000 high school students within the framework of extraordinary classes.

The “Young Heron-Guard Program” became the country’s first conservationist protector support program. According to the organizers and the Heron-guards, the greatest achievement of the program is that there is a rising generation of Heron-guards from the Generation Y, who became committed to nature preservation due to this program. The program has been awarded the Prizma Junior Special Award in 2014.

We are proud that the Fürge Diák School Cooperation is a business on the Hungarian market that has already won the titles of Superbrands and Magyar Brands three times.