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Are you about to kick-off a big project?
Are your production capacities changing seasonally?
Are the local recruitment options limited?

Solve you problems with temporary staffing!

Temporary staffing

In what cases and how I can utilize temporary staffing?

It is not always cost-effective to employ workers in enlisted in our own organization; however, most of the companies have to, as they are forced to comply with labor law regulations and to ensure qualitative and quantitative production.

Get to know a few cases, where you think you need to expand the number of your employees, but for a variety of reasons it is complicated, time consuming, unnecessary and –last but least- more expensive to involve new employees.

Show me the solutions
  • It is possible to find a worker, who performs well on the market, however they apply to solve the given task sporadically, therefore keeping them enlisted to the company will mean unnecessary costs for your company.
  • The technical implementation of work force development, advertising, checking references, interviewing, selection process, and managing fluctuation require a long time and excessive energy to the expense of other useful activities.
  • During the periods of holidays and sick leaves there is no possibility to replace absent work force from internal resources due to labor law regulations.
  • In case of periodic projects:
    • your business is engaged in the production or sales of seasonal products, and you do not need permanent employees,
    • If you receive an excessive order and you need extra human resources for production,
    • If goods arrive in excessive amounts or more than usual and you do not have staff to handle the material,
    • If more of your employees than regular would go on a holiday or for a longer period (e.g.: summer),
    • If you move, renovate, reorganize land, clean or just want to make your environment nicer,
    • If you introduce a new registry system or transform the current and you have limited human resources or infrastructure for the tasks,
    • If you need personnel or location to archive inventory data
  • If you cannot find workers with sufficient knowledge
  • If you cannot find workers with sufficient qualifications in sufficient number for the growth of your business or to serve your orders

About re-lending

Humánia HRS Group Zrt. is going to hire your long-standing employee and then, for a definite period of time it is going to place Her/Him at the Costumer’s disposal (under its supervision and the right of instruction), i.e. „re-lending”.

The advantages of this method are:

You can accurately determine your savings related to switching your worker from employment to lending
The costs of employment are not wages, but belong in the other cost category

Try & Hire

Humánia HRS Group Zrt. will employ the workers of your choice for a sorter period (one-six months) and if they are suitable for your requirements, then enlists them in its own organization. This makes it possible to anticipate the costs of recruiting new staff and also to reduce the risk of not enlisting the right employee.

Why is this all good for me?

Less fixed costs

More flexible corporate structure

More time for innovation

We can provide our services seasonally, for campaigns, regularly and continuously for your company, business. Apart from listing –far from- all of the applicable services, naturally the most important issue for our prospective Costumers is to know how they can benefit from all of this:

  • As a company leader, You can be freed from the burden of payrolling and related administrative tasks, as our Company carries them out.
  • You can save time.
    • You do not have to make ads, hold auditions, as you are going to have potential candidates from a filtered and vetted database,
    • You do not have to reorganize work due to sick leaves or holidays,
    • You only have to book one cost invoice instead of five-six items, related to the workers employed by our company.
  • You can allocate the saved time to the profit–making activities of your business, or if these tasks have been carried out by colleagues, you can either re-purpose them for other activities or save costs by reducing the size of your administrative staff.
  • You can save costs, the fees paid to entrepreneurial costs are reducing the base of your local tax (as a non-wage cost)
  • By appointing us to employ your workers, You significantly reduce your company’s labor law obligations, as You are not contractually connected with individuals, but a company with a legal entity.
  • We have developed special discounts for our regular costumers to achieve additional significant cost-savings.

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