Reduce cost with Fürge Diák!

Order ad hoc work force and don’t pay for the month if you don’t need to!

Order only when you are in need and pay only as much as the necessary task requires!

Leave the administration to someone else!

Contract, paperwork, declaration, and payroll – these are not Your concerns!

You only receive 1 invoice for all the service and it is eligible for settlement!

Do you need a quick solution for your labor problems

We organize the ordered headcount within a couple of days – why would you advertise and interview for weeks?

It only requires a quick meeting and we already start the selection and organizing!

Do you need young and dynamic workforce?

Get to know the professionals and graduates of the future –young people aged 16-26 today!

What you can expect: quick learning, efficient work!

Our services

What we offer

Quick, flexible and punctual coordination

Strict supervision system, organization and work control

Continuous year-round service

What good is student work for

Among other options, our solution may be used in the following fields:

Trained physical work

  • If more of your employees than regular would go on a holiday or for a longer period (e.g.: summer),
  • If your business is engaged in the production or sales of seasonal products,
  • If you move, renovate, reorganize land, clean or just want to make your environment nicer,
  • If goods arrive in excessive amounts or more than usual and you do not have the staff to handle the material,
  • If you do not want to create a position for regular sub-tasks that only need a few hours or days of work,
  • If you would like to outsource an activity that is not related to your core business.

Market research, field survey, query

  • If you are interested in feedback from the market about your products or services and you wish to map it,
  • If you have the insufficient amount and/or quality data about your planned investments.

Data archiving, data processing

  • If your paper-based records need sorting or archiving,
  • If you want to step from a paper-based registry to digital on a system level, with a short deadline,
  • If you introduce a new registry system or transform the current and you have limited human resources or infrastructure for the tasks,
  • If you need personnel or location to archive your questionnaires/queries or inventory data.

Intellectual, professional work

  • If you have a guest from abroad and you need an interpreter,
  • If you want to translate your correspondence to a foreign language,
  • If you seek for an adequate worker for office tasks,
  • If you need more personnel for introducing IT changes.

Agricultural works

  • If you are looking for a larger volume of workers for your seasonal works.

Promotions, hostess-service

  • If you would like to organize an event,
  • If you would like to have your product tried out or tasted directly at the point of sales,
  • If you would like to create a unified corporate identity or would like to place an advertisement directly at the point of sales.

Flow of service

  1. Organizing student workforce

    We choose the most suitable members of Fürge Diák School Cooperation to carry out the task, giving priority to those, who already have gathered experience in similar positions.

  2. Delivering the service

    Before we conclude the contract, we clarify all the details of the service delivery in order to make sure that all the details of the execution meet your expectations.

    We take care of all the required the aptitude tests of our employees for work.

    We provide a project manager for liaison and ongoing local control, to quickly and flexibly manage and solve the problems that arise, who will –in consultation with you- take care of the necessary tasks regarding the personal issues of members and in case new demands emerge or there are changes in the current needs.

    It is important to note that the service we deliver is not workforce lending, therefore the rules regulating the workers and service delivery are the special ones regulating school cooperations.

  3. Work accident and accident insurance

    The basic accident and fire safety training is included in the services we offer, but we cannot provide a training that meets the requirements of the Partner – in the absence of local, specific knowledge-, therefore prior to commencing the service, we arrange an additional training to cover the fields of quality management, technical, fire and accident safety in relation to the location/job specific regulations.

    Students employed by us – and by any school co-operative- are insured by Social Security (due to their insured status as full time students), but are not eligible for sick pay. Since 1999, our members are insured against accidents consequently; in the case of work-place accidents they are covered. In addition to the insurance money, the Co-operation also reimburses the wages of the work-time loss from the accident (the maximum period is two weeks). This form of service means more security for our partners and students alike.

  4. Enlisting our services

    We will sign a framework contract for the service, during which time the required services can be ordered by filling out and sending back an order form (via post, e-mail or fax).

  5. Checking delivery

    Checking delivery is based on service-type records – attendance sheet, performance registration sheet, etc.-, whose management is our duty while carrying out the service.

    During the execution Your representative will keep in contact with our contact person on a pre-determined regular basis and the performance is verified by signing the various registration forms.

    Based on this documentation, we will issue the invoice of the service.

Why is this good for me?

  • You can save money and time!
  • You will have direct cost savings
    • You do not have to pay for sick leave
    • Only the needed amount of working hours should be ordered and paid.
  • You do not have to deal with issues, like additional costs of employment and the related administration, because when you are using our services, we are taking care of administering taxes and additional costs and providing information for additional monitoring and check-ups.
  • You can free some of your administrative staffers’ working time because we take care of the following tasks:
    • Payrolling
    • Payments
    • Doing the end of the year income verification.
  • Employing our members requires minimal legal obligations for you in terms of labor law:
    • There is no notice period
    • There is no severance pay
    • There is no need to reorganize work due to holidays.
  • You can access guarantees and benefits that would be unavailable otherwise!
  • The leaders of our company guarantee quality work by the continuous and close monitoring of our member.
  • Through the work of our members, you can get to know the graduates of the future and you can find the solution to your needs for young professionals.
  • If you know students who are suitable for carrying our tasks – e.g.: children of your own employees, vocational students who stay after their practice time, etc.-, they can become our members, therefore there is no obstacle to using the aforementioned favorable conditions but in this case, we do not include the cost of organizing into our pricing.
  • It is available any time
    • On a seasonal basis
    • For campaigns
    • Regularly
    • Continuously, throughout the year.

In the case of contracting us, after agreeing on the concrete details, our offers include all of the listed discounts and services.

Apply for a personal consulting session, so we can show how our student work service can help you support you in achieving your business goals!