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This online info page can help your company to optimize the use of labour.

On one hand we would like to draw a - hopefully – detailed picture about labour leasing as one of the possibilities of Human Resource Management getting more and more important, on the other hand we would like to introduce the services, the work and referring experiences of Humania Counselling and Services Limited Company.

We are showing you the business interests and reasons of rationalization, which may induce an employer to look for other opportunities instead of the development of labour. We are introducing the possibilities you are able to choose from and the situations it is worth to take advantage of the labour market services of our company. We would like to acquaint you with some cost-effective solutions and raise some issues to consider in order to provide you some help at making objectively based decisions in labour management.

Our main endeavour is to create a close business relationship with our partners and gain an insight into their activities in order to be able to offer the most appropriate one of our services.

We hope this brief introduction has aroused your interest and you are about to spend some minutes to get more information about the topics mentioned above.

Our history

Humania Limited Company was founded in 2001 by a group of young experts, who are able to improve the company permanently according to the expectations of the partners and employees by having extensive experiences on a former special area of labour leasing since 1994. Beside that, they are dynamically managing the co-company founded earlier, which has the main aim to help the young generation at the job-hunting process and gaining experiences. This way it is also able to offer a solution to the occasional labour problems of companies and the detection of the future’s experts.

So this group of companies with a national chain of 18 offices realizes growing revenue every year, which came to HUF 2.6 billion in 2010 and the company realized HUF 3.4 billion in 2011. The number of our partners exceeds 1000 companies a year, we are employing 25.000 people.

The success of the company is still incessant thanks to the youthful dynamic, our increasing professional experience, the knowledge based on internal and external trainings, the innovative development and the high ethical level we are representing. The Quality Management System being applied since 2003 and later being confirmed by an external audit is also a great example of the company’s need for permanent development and for the services provided to our partners and clients on a higher level.

The company’s quality policy reflects the addiction of the management well, and shows the guidelines, the values, the mission and the future prospects Humania wishes to represent with faith and conviction even in practice to all of his partners – whether companies or employees.

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